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CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Product Features

  • Advanced Direct drive Technology for the top rated bicycle Trainer brand in the world
  • Innovative electro-magnetic resistance provides instant resistance and maximum watts for your ride
  • Connects with all virtual Trainer apps and software that are supported through BLE and ANT+
  • Designed and manufactured in Madison, WI
  • Lifetime warranty
Price: $1,199.90
(as of 07/17/2017 03:02 UTC - Details)

Product Description

CycleOps has been making trainers for over 15 years in Madison, WI. The CycleOps Hammer is their newest addition to the Trainer market, building on their years of experience and an engineering team dedicated to the bicycle. Though CycleOps has previously launched the first electronic, smart, Trainer, they have ever combined the technology with their Direct drive platform before the Hammer. The Direct drive ride eliminates wear on the tire, and is better capable of replicating an outdoor ride through the Direct interaction with the drive train. Paired with an electromagnetic resistance unit that only measure 64 decibels, you can easily have a conversation while riding, or crank up a 20% intense hill climb, all from the same Trainer.

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